Real estate investing in Larnaca

Real estate investing in Larnaca
17 Jul

Property Investment in Larnaca: A Lucrative Opportunity for Buyers

Discover why investors should trust a German real estate agent when investing in Larnaca, Cyprus. Explore the booming property market, high-value development projects, the new Larnaca Marina and Port redevelopment, iconic buildings, and consistent growth in the real estate market. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

The property investment scene in Larnaca, Cyprus is flourishing, attracting the attention of investors worldwide. For buyers, it is essential to place their trust in a real estate agent who understands their needs and preferences. Larnaca is experiencing a surge in interest, thanks to its wide range of investment properties and ambitious development projects aimed at modernizing the city.

Larnaca boasts a Mediterranean climate, a stress-free lifestyle, low crime rates, and an appealing tax regime offered by the government. These incentives, combined with the non-dom status program and low starting costs for business registration, make Cyprus an attractive destination for foreign investors and digital nomads looking to invest in real estate.

Larnaca is not just a port city; it is also home to the island's largest international airport. Its coastal location offers opportunities for investments in modern inner-city apartments, lavish seaside villas, as well as well-developed maritime, financial, and foreign commerce industries.

Here are the reasons why more and more investors are choosing to invest in Larnaca:

1. High-Value Development Projects:
Larnaca has become a favored market for a large Israeli community of investors due to lower investment costs and more affordable land compared to larger cities like Nicosia and Limassol. As a result, Larnaca is now witnessing numerous high-value development projects that are set to drive the real estate sector for years to come. Notable projects include the completed Metropolis Mall, the New Municipal Market, and the ongoing progress of Larnaca's New Marina and Port redevelopment. These developments have a positive effect on the real estate market, making it an opportune time for investment.

2. The New Larnaca Marina and Port Redevelopment:
The New Larnaca Marina and Port redevelopment, a €1.2 billion project, is the most significant investment initiative in Cyprus. It aims to modernize Larnaca, boost tourism, create employment opportunities, and attract additional investment. The expansion of the marina will offer diverse investment opportunities, including mixed-use properties with international retailers, luxurious villas, hotels, residential tower buildings, and exquisite restaurants and cafes. The environmentally friendly and sustainable approach ensures that the New Larnaca Marina will be a paradise for investors.

3. Iconic Buildings:
Larnaca is witnessing the rise of iconic tower buildings and opulent hotels. Projects such as the QN Kition Tower, the Apollo and Poseidon towers of the NAOC complex, the Staston Project on Makarios Avenue, the Radisson Beach Resort Larnaca, and the commercial Ion Tower in Drosia are among the upcoming developments that will transform Larnaca into a prime investment destination.

4. Consistent Growth in the Real Estate Market:
Larnaca's real estate market has experienced significant growth, with apartment sale values increasing for the fourth consecutive quarter in 2022. According to the Department of Lands and Surveys, the total sales value of real estate in Larnaca reached €682 million from 4,243 transactions in 2022. The rental market has also seen an increase in value, driven by population growth, relocation of companies to Cyprus, and an influx of foreign investors. With a strong economy and high demand for housing, residential prices are expected to remain stable or continue to rise.

In conclusion, Larnaca offers excellent opportunities for real estate investment, whether in modern city center apartments or luxurious seafront villas. Real estate experts predict explosive growth for Larnaca in the coming years, making it a prime time for buyers to invest in the city's real estate market. Trust a German real estate agent with local expertise to guide you through the process and secure your investment in Larnaca.