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Cyprus Residency

Requirements for Cyprus Residency by Investment

A Visa Opportunity in Real Estate

If you are considering obtaining permanent residency in Cyprus through investment, the Golden Visa route in real estate is a compelling option. Not only does it open doors to the beautiful island nation but also provides a gateway to explore other European Union countries.

Investment Requirements

for Permanent Residence

To be eligible for a Permanent Residence Card in Cyprus, the investment requirements are relatively affordable compared to other Golden Visa programs:

  • Real Estate Investment

    You must purchase real estate property worth at least €300,000, which can be an enticing prospect considering the potential for growth and returns in the Cypriot property market.

  • Bank Deposit

    In addition to the real estate investment, you are required to make a €30,000 deposit into a bank in Cyprus. This amount will be kept for three years but can be viewed as a form of financial security.

  • Sufficient Annual Income

    To prove your financial stability, you must demonstrate an annual income of at least €30,000 for yourself, along with an additional €5,000 for each dependent, which includes your spouse and children.

  • Including Parents

    If you intend to include your parents or your spouse’s parents in your residency application, you must have an additional €8,000 added to your income.

  • Clean Criminal Record

    Having no history of criminal records is a standard requirement to qualify for the Cyprus Residency by Investment program

Benefits of Cyprus Residency by Investment

The Cyprus Residency by Investment program offers a host of advantages, making it an appealing option for international investors

  • Travel within the EU

    You and your family members will enjoy the freedom to travel to other European Union countries without the need for additional visas or permits.

  • Inclusive Application

    You can include your spouse and minor children in your application. Additionally, if you have adult children up to 25 years of age who are financially dependent on you (e.g., students), they too can be included.

  • Including Parents

    The program allows the inclusion of parents or your spouse’s parents, providing a great opportunity to bring your extended family together.

  • Lifetime Validity

    The Permanent Residence Card is valid for life, ensuring a secure long-term solution for you and your family.

  • Flexible Residency Requirements

    Unlike some other residency programs, you do not need to reside in Cyprus permanently to maintain your Residence Permit. Only visiting for one day every two years is sufficient to retain your residency status.

  • Pathway to Cyprus Passport

    After maintaining uninterrupted residency for seven years, you become eligible to apply for Cypriot citizenship and obtain a Cyprus passport

  • International Income Acceptance

    Unlike citizenship programs, you and your family members are not permitted to engage in gainful employment in Cyprus. However, your foreign-sourced income is entirely acceptable to meet the financial requirements.


    In conclusion, the Cyprus Residency by Investment program offers a viable path to acquiring permanent residency and opens up opportunities for travel and exploration within the European Union. With a manageable investment threshold and numerous benefits, it presents an attractive option for those seeking to establish a foothold in the captivating island of Cyprus. So, consider embarking on this Golden Visa journey to make Cyprus your second home!